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Responsible For Multiple 8-Figures In Sales For Health and Wellness Experts, Coaches, and High-Powered Agencies


Transforming "The Written Word" Into Measurable, Explosive Profits...

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Hi, I'm 

Jon Reyes


I'm a respected direct response marketing consultant and copywriter who's worked with some of the most prestigious and high-powered influencers, health marketers, agencies, and service-based leaders we've seen over the past decade.

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"Jon is a great copywriter who I trust. I know firsthand that his work is solid, he generated a lot of money for his clients, and he also knows how to coach and motivate other people who want to be just as successful as he is.


He really has no problem taking the lead and training a large group of people either."

-Jonathan Bender, NBA Player (retired)
Former Forward at Indiana Pacers #24
Former Forward New York Knicks #9.
Author - Inventor - Entrepreneur

"Jon did a great job with a front-end book sales letter project. He was responsive, open to feedback, and delivered solid final copy.
The letter had a conversion rate of over 13% to warm traffic and held north of 5% even as we transitioned to more cold traffic."

-Jon Stoltzfus, Copy Chief at Lurn Inc.
Former Copy Chief at The Agora Companies
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Transform Into A Powerhouse Authority For Free With The Battle-Tested Shortcuts Inside The Authority Sales Page Swipe File Vault

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Because you’re a mover and shaker in business…

And you don’t have patience for ‘snobby’ advisors and copywriters who’ll overcharge, and underdeliver…

And even if you’re a good writer, you know your focus should be on what you’re more AMAZING at…

Because spreading yourself too thin means nothing important really gets done anymore.

Wait! WHY should we even bring this up?

Because, no matter how great of a professional you already are...

...over the years, I've see way too many bad-asses like you experience:

  • Conversion rates and marketing falling short of their potential

  • Increased overhead and/or having to work 80+hours / week

  • Stress overload for the top players in the business, or the leading entrepreneur

  • And in the end we all know that many businesses could STILL fail! (sad, yet true)

What’s worse is when you THINK you’ve found the right help from some ‘fly-by-night’ copywriter, coach, or agency…

...then they either miss deadlines, don’t communicate well, or worse: 

They completely misunderstand your branding, and miss the mark on their promises.

If that sounds like you, then…

You'll Be Happy As Heck You Came Here

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...if these things below sound great to you,

then we might be a match made in marketing heaven:

I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.


You Can Appreciate The VALUE Of A Veteran Marketer and Copywriter... With A Strict ROI Focus

You Might Pass On A “One Night Stand,” Because A Great Copywriter Can Become A Partner You'll Want to Keep Around

You Want Someone Who Could Give You Profitable Feedback, Marketing Insights, Or Just Measurable Results

You Want A Strategic Advisor Who Efficiently Grasps Your Market, Your Message, or Your Brand Voice

You’d Like A Strategic Advisor Who’s Helped Lead Teams, Founders, & Executives Alike To Experience Explosive Growth

You Might’ve Had “Bad Marketing Experiences” Before, Yet You Know The Right-Fit Is Still Out There For You

Before We Go Any Further...
Just Think Of Which Phrases Sound Familiar To You:

  • “Is this the right wording and messaging? -- I hate all this copywriting…”

  • “What about these deadlines... I need a BREAK"

  • “I need to delegate, but how and to WHO?”

  • “I’m swamped, how much TIME and ENERGY could I possibly dedicate to everything I want to accomplish”

  • “I just CAN NOT trust those other freelancers”

  • “I don’t know all I need to do to get this done efficiently enough!”

  • "I tried this, but I just can't do everything on my own! At least, not anymore."


...and on and on it goes.

Now imagine having a high-end, multi-million producing copywriter and high-powered advisor on your side to give you the feedback you need to align your messaging with your branding…


...and who focuses on YOUR best interests- - so you can accelerate your production while focusing on what YOU do best.

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Now, Just Imagine What It’s Like When…

Imagine how well your entire funnel, CRO, and copywriting processes could be completely streamlined when:

  • You're working with a seasoned, "veteran" marketing consultant and copywriter who has over $50 Million in client sales under his belt.

  • You'll be working with the Seasoned Pro who has nearly a decade of experience and an extremely credible track record... plus our lines of communication will be open every step of the way

  • You'll have deadlines and ETAs outlined from start to finish... you'll never be left in the dark

  • If you're done dealing with unprofessional amateurs who don't communicate and miss deadlines, then we NEED to talk.

  • You have a confident "team player" who focuses on delivering measurable results

  • If I'm not confident that I can help you, I'll let you know upfront 

  • You get consistency, communication, and targeted turnaround times

  • When things get hectic, I stay focused on getting the job done and hitting your production targets on time - no matter how overwhelmed you or your team might feel 

  • You have someone who's been consistently called "OCD" when it comes to providing copy that is focused on generating results

  • When it comes to the copywriting and conversion processes, you'll get to experience what it's like when you finally have someone on your side who creates the amazing at balance between efficiency and quality

  • You can rely on a straightshooter who is direct and up front

  • No beating around the bush, no excuses, no hack jobs, no conflict avoidance

  • You have someone who has one of the most impressive track records in his industry.

  • We're talking about hundreds - if not thousands - of copywriting and consulting projects under my belt

If we're still on the same wavelength, then...

Here's a deeper look into some of authority marketing methodologies I've used to help transform businesses into multiple 6, 7, and 8-figure leaders...

...and how we might potentially do the same for you too.
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Methodology #1: 

Lead Gen Diagnostics


Fine-Tuning Your Funnel Strategy And Creating A Never-Ending Stream Of HOT Leads, Eager Subscribers, and Hungry Buyers...

Almost on Autopilot

Methodology #2: 

Copy And Conversion Optimization


Uncovering The Hard-Hitting Hooks and Unique 'Mechanisms' That Systematize Your Conversions, and Scale You Into THE Unrivaled Authority In Your Niche


Methodology #3:

Automatic Scaling Systems


Designing and 'Installing' Lead Acquisition and Email Marketing Systems That Automatically Warm Up Cold Leads, Convert More Browsers Into Buyers, Create a Measurable Surge In Conversions...

...While Transforming Your "Price Shoppers" Into Loyal Fans and Lifelong Buyers

Here’s the thing though...

While I might like you as a professional, I’m just not for everyone.

So double-check these lists first, because I know your time is valuable - because mine is too:


  • If you’re not serious about following through on your commitments to your business... or if you expect overnight riches... then we’re not a good fit.


  • If you don’t understand the value of great direct response copy and written salesmanship… then you’re not ready to work with me yet.


  • If you’re unwilling to follow through on commitments you’ve already made to your team, your customers, and your bottom line... then this might not work out.


  • If you’re NOT doing a minimum of multiple 5-figures/month with the drive to grow and scale higher up… then somebody else might be better for you. (sorry)


  • If you refuse to invest in both your short term and long term scalability, then just know now that I ain’t the cheapest on the block. (As the old saying goes: great copywriters ain’t cheap… and cheap copywriters ain’t great.)

But if you…

>>> Understand how having an copywriting "A-Player" on YOUR side will support your business goals, the big picture thinking, and your conversion strategies each step of the way…  ​

>>> Understand how having a seasoned 8-figure producing expert on your team can also help you boost your productivity - and even help you oversee your team more effectively…


>>> Are interested in streamlining your TOUGHEST copy challenges, while getting your messaging aligned for persuasive, sales-driven impact…


>>> Want to claim the additional opportunity to strategize - and collaborate - at a higher level, and even optimize your existing campaigns for greater revenue…


>>> If you want to be more "hands off" while multiplying your sales through the power of influence…

>>> Want the opportunity to team up with a seasoned expert who’s helped over a DOZEN companies hit 8-figures or beyond…

Then reach out.
We need to talk.
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Connect With Me on A 1 on 1 Call


Transform Into A Powerhouse Authority For Free With The Battle-Tested Shortcuts Inside The Authority Sales Page Swipe File Vault

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