You clearly understood there were improvements to be made with your copy, and maybe some campaign strategy too… 
...and you took it upon yourself to connect with me -- and explore how I could help make this happen for you. 
So you’re already taking action.  
And I want to acknowledge your assertiveness. 
If you have been considering working alongside a seasoned, successful copywriter such as myself - then I also understand that lingering hesitation or confusion is normal at this point... 
Many of my clients could relate to that same feeling, at first… before we began working together.  
That said, read on for some “frequently asked questions” that are very common in our industry today. 
(and even if we don't end up working together, these are facts every client of great copy should arm themselves with!)


“I’m nervous about the investment. Will I get ROI?” 
I hear you 100%.
It’s way too easy to feel overwhelmed when spammy cold calls, social media requests, and “fly-by-night” copywriters approach you with ​zero ​credibility to back up anything they say... 
Especially because, in the end, this is all about getting you to your desired goals - isn’t it?  
Whether your end goal is leads, more engagement, conversions, revenue, etc -- you just want ​to feel like you’re in good hands from A to Z, ​start to finish. 


And you’re smart. You have experience. 

And since you’ve already been able to make the connection between your needs, ​and the wealth of experience under my belt... ​it means we’ve got a lot of potential here. 

That said, here’s some ​hard ​facts​ to help paint a clearer picture of how this works for you, at the end of the day: 

1. Fact: At the end of the day, you are ​investing​ in receiving ​recurring​ results / ROI for yourself -- and/or your company. Long term. 

2. Fact: Many of my previous clients are still enjoying residual and​ recurring revenue to date, from successful campaigns I crafted for them many, many months ago! 
3. Fact: If you aim to produce $15,000 in a month, for example, and a new campaign helps produce that for you within 30 days… you still have the potential to run and re-run this full campaign 11 more times, every month, for the rest of 1 year.  

4. Fact: The example above of $15,000 in 30 days ain’t bad… if running it consistently every month of the year,​ ​for the next 12 months, the​ potential earnings there are already $450,000 / year from a single campaign!​ Because once it’s proven to convert for you, you can keep running and re-running the campaign for as long as it makes you some positive return. 
5. After understanding all of the above… and if you’re still on the fence… is it possible that you are just questioning whether or not you’re ready to get your business to this next level? Are you unsure if you’re “good enough” to make it happen? 
 Because, when you look at the figures, we’re ​not​ talking about a $450,000 cash investment here or something… 
Instead, the goal here is allowing me to do a bit of ‘heavy lifting’ on my end, upfront, helping you delegate this out, and to help you ​accomplish your end goals, long term. 


Plus, we’re taking some stress and headache away from you and/or your team, allowing me to craft the copy for you, while providing any additional collaboration or strategy along the way…  
Because your time, results, and *sanity* are worth much more than the small investment we’re talking about here -- isn’t it? 

(consistently gunning for ​results​ is just one reason why I’ve been able to establish and maintain a solid, professional reputation) 

 “What if I spend all this time / money and it doesn’t turn out the way I want?” 

As you know, nothing is 100% guaranteed in life, or even in business…  
However, I wouldn’t be following up with you if I wasn’t confident that we can get you some solid ROI here. (And, maybe some ​recurring and long term​ ROI as well.) 
 This is a common fear you’re dealing with right now. So let me ask you something…  
Are you really committed to more success, or just to safety?? 
Are you looking to grow and expand… 
Or to stay in what’s “familiar” and comfortable?  
Because I believe that your goals are achievable. You know that too, don’t you... 
So if you’re really committed to what you’re aiming for, then experiencing some temporary ​discomfort shouldn’t be a problem.  
 (As you know, no investment is ever lost in the end either way.) 

“Do I have to decide now? I’m looking at other options / talking to other people who might be a better option for me.” 
Sounds fair. 

Because by now, you know how ​critical​ it is to leverage results-driven copywriting and conversion strategy, so it’d make sense for you to explore what’s out there... 


That said… the only left to ​do now is to​ honor your commitments​ to your business, and yourself. 
To make it easier, just ask yourself these questions before looking around any further: 
1. Do any of your other options seem genuinely - and almost obsessively - focused on generating you some actual results at the end of the day?  

2. Has anyone else provided you with an​ actual track record ​to support their claims on their work -- with direct numbers to show for it in conversions, leads, sales, or revenue? 
3. Does their track record mention anything about ROI and results, beyond some “fancy credentials?” 
4. Did they provide relevant sample work which you could judge with a critical eye? 
5. Who else is willing to provide additional collaboration… or revisions… or coaching throughout the fulfillment of this type of project? 
6. Finally… how hefty are their fees… or, how slow is turn around time… and, can you even trust this person to answer any of your emails or questions within a reasonable time frame? 

“I just wanted to check you out.  I don’t see the importance of committing yet?” 
I appreciate that, but we both know this wasn’t just a “check-in” thing for you was it... 

 ...because, as you know, having a full commitment in the execution and ​follow-through is what’s going to gain you more results at the end of the day. 
(something you’ve probably experienced before!) 
If you don’t consider yourself committed… then what inspired you to consider the strategies and ideas we discussed in the first place? 
Because you connected with me for a reason, didn’t you... 
And if you’re always getting ready to start something, and don’t follow through... guess what happens, you never really start.  
Does that make sense? 


“No Time to Commit --- Maybe it’s just bad timing?” 
What do you need more time to think about? 
I get what you’re going through. And I can 100% relate to what you’re feeling... 
This is relatable from both from my own experience, and the experience of some of my past clients - who are now doing much better BTW. :) 
What you’re feeling is normal, and understandable. 
If this is a huge worry for you… and you really don’t think your goals are possible… then, just let me know.  
Please feel free to reply and let me know whatever is worrying you, or whatever hesitation there is and we can discuss.