Why Are So Many Good Copywriters
Getting Grossly Underpaid For Their Skills...

...Even If They Work Hard, Write Well, or Study Like Crazy?

Are You Getting Stuck Inside The “Copywriter Rat Race?”

When most copywriters come to me…

It’s because they’re “stuck” in plateaus.

  • Stuck in insecurities and frustrations surrounding their income.

  • Stuck with headaches when it comes to their clients, their work, or their bosses.


  • Stuck with limitations and fears surrounding their skillset as a copywriter.

And obviously… 


These are key reasons why they end up overwhelmed, overworked, and hitting a demoralizing income plateau.


And it’s not 100% clear WHY it’s all happening to them… yet.

(I’ll explain all of that in vivid detail to you in a sec)

Raise an eyebrow when you see which
critical mistake you resonate with…

  • Some copywriters aren’t paid well enough yet… even though they slave over hours and hours training courses… writing copy for bosses and clients, going through new training, and reading more books.


  • Maybe they’re “comfortable” with the paid work they’re getting at the moment… but secretly, they KNOW they deserve to make a lot more money for everything they do.


  • They’ve gained a healthy amount of experience so far… but secretly lack the confidence and dominance they need to excel. Usually, this is because these copywriters know their writing could convert much better… because it should be converting insanely well by now, especially if they want to get paid A TON.


  • They pay gurus a ton of money… they’ve taken courses, read books, they look into online events, and expensive seminars. They also plow through stacks of material… only to see little to no improvements in their copy, and no change in their bank accounts at the end of it all!

    (even if they‘ve been working extra hard, or writing for hours and hours on end.)


No Matter How Much You Can Relate To All Of this,
Just Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over It…
Because I Used To Be The Same Way (If Not Worse)


For about 11 months, I was stuck in these same cycles of self-defeat. 


I knew I was good at what I did. 


And clients gave me pretty solid feedback.

The thing was…


I was still stuffing money a ton of money into THEIR pockets, instead of my own…


I was making my clients filthy rich…


With minimal compensation to show for it on my end.




I got stuck in a hamster wheel of writing copy like crazy, and was overzealous to “prove myself.”


Secretly, I felt like an impostor inside.


Oddly enough, I was under-valuing the work I did. 


I undervalued myself…

And I didn’t know how to communicate my worth as aggressively and confidently as I should’ve...


And on and on it went.




I continued slaving away…


I was generating A LOT of money for my clients, to the tune of multiple 7-figures in client sales, all within my first 18 months as a copywriter.


That’s when it became clear as day WHY I was drastically UNDER-PAID for the type of work I produced.

And I Was Pissed Off About It...


Just like you, I wasn’t valued enough by the high-profile clients and big bosses I had.


And I still wasn’t getting paid what I truly deserved as a smoking hot up-and-coming copywriter…

But secretly, I still felt stuck.


So When It Came Down To It…

This Is The Main Reason WHY Wasn’t I Getting Paid What I Was REALLY Worth:


Almost 2 years into the game in 2015…


I was finally getting paid very well for what I did.

My copy was consistently converting…


I was earning tons of respect…


And I was working part-time, my own hours, and living the dream.


Or… That’s What I THOUGHT, Until
I Realized I Was Dead Wrong About Everything.


See, here’s the crazy part:


Everybody in our industry told me over and over again… that I was STILL being grossly underpaid.


But WHY was that?



The thing was, most of my negotiations fell short most of the time.


I held myself back through my private insecurities…


I was a victim to my own deficiencies in my skill sets, while undervaluing my skills, and lacking confidence in my ability to aggressively and confidently “market myself.”


Soon, I felt anxious about my career path all over again.

Maybe I’m just “not good enough” yet?

How Come I’m Not Cracking $15k+ Months,
Like People Say I Should Be?


So, to mask my insecurities…


  • I sought out more info products.

  • I bought even more copy courses, and I took on way more work than I should have.

  • I tried cookie-cutter negotiation templates that fell short.

  • I practiced writing over and over… until I couldn’t even think straight any more. (and I got piss drunk on the weekends to blow off all the anxiety I accumulated)


  • I tried courses and memberships that promised to attract endless clients to me. Nothing worked.


  • I listened to more and more copy guru’s online, because I still undervalued myself deep inside…

And I couldn’t find my way out of this “copywriter rat race.”


And Then, Something Hit Me…

I Was So Immersed In Becoming A Rockstar At Writing Great Copy, That I Was Neglecting My Own Livelihood… All For The Sake Of Pleasing My Clients.

Deep Down, I Realized I Was Scared To Ask For Cold, Direct & Honest Feedback From My Clients… Stemming From A Fear of Harsh Criticism.

Once I did…

The Feedback, The Measurable Numbers, and The Conversion Rates My Clients Finally Shared With Me Was Astonishing





If you haven’t heard of me yet…


It’s because of that old saying:


“Those That Can’t Do, Teach”


I’ve been way too immersed with excelling at these skill sets since 2013… with zero time to coach and train others until recently.


And since you’re still here, reading through this page…


And since you understand that your copy skills could still be a lot sharper and more impressive…


I can guess with almost 100% accuracy that a generic cookie-cutter writing course will NOT help you.


You will NOT excel or grow from the “one-size-fits-all path” to get from where you are, to where you want to be in the fastest and easiest way possible.


Because what works best for you, might not work that well for others. 


And vice versa.

Because your journey toward becoming a highly-paid, rockstar copywriter…

Your journey to becoming someone who can consistently write FIRE that converts like crazy…


Will always have UNIQUE struggles, strengths, goals, sticking points, and experience to draw from that’s 100% unique to you.


Maybe Not ALL Your Struggles Are 100% Unique...


At this point, I get it.


I hear where you're at.


And I get why you’re not sure how to make the leap from where you’re at now, to where you SHOULD be in terms of income, skillset, opportunity, and lifestyle…

That’s where I come in.


“What Qualifies You To Be My Coach, My Mentor...
To Be The ‘Copy Chief’ I’ve Been Needing?”

This is a great question.

In fact, I encourage any copywriter to find the right coaches and mentors that resonate with you.




After falling in love with helping copywriters, freelancers, & entrepreneurs to shake their limitations in record time...


After consistently giving them the copy skill sets they need to “make it rain” through copy, and to achieve lasting success in their careers, AND lifestyle...

I've become officially "obsessed" with seeing my ALL students and clients succeed.



After producing multiple 8-Figure in Client Sales at a record-setting pace…

While Consistently Clearing $200k+ A Year, While Working Part Time...
It’s Obvious Why I’m Being Called

"The Copywriter Behind Today's Leaders."

I'm consistently trusted by high-powered entrepreneurs, multi-million-dollar businesses, agencies, and influencers like:


Brian Tracy International

Digital Prosperity
Simple Smart Science
Jack Canfield Training Group
Conscious Copy
The Fairall Group
The Founders Of Today's Leading Masterminds
Simple Smart Science
And WAY Too Many More To List...

​And as a leading copy mentor and coach nowadays, I maintain a strict focus on giving copywriters every single critical skill they need to:


  • Attract an abundance of clients, and close contracts like a high-earning powerhouse...

  • Land their dream clients with WAY less effort, and writing in industries and niches that they love...

  • Eliminate all the excess stress and overwhelm in their careers, and be able to confidently say “no” and avoid those time-wasting scenarios they often get dragged down into...


  • Cut back on their hours indefinitely… and say “no” to taking on any full-time work from now, unless they TRULY wanted to work full-time.

  • Becoming highly-respected as a copywriter, while ramping up their income at a staggering pace...


  • And much more.


The Freelance Copywriters’ Blueprints

The Freelance Copywriter’s Course For Accelerating Your Skillsets Into A 6-Figure Copy Career... While Gaining Rockstar Confidence as A Copywriter, And Getting Dream Clients To Beat A Path To Your Door
Burn this message deep inside your brain…


Your path towards becoming a well-paid, well-trained, and highly respected copywriter DOES NOT have to be that complicated or tough.


But it WILL become an impossible path when you’re consuming bad information.


Or if you’re giving your power away to the next guru who is looking to brainwash you.


(a sad truth of our industry.)


If you do that stuff... you’ll get overwhelmed.


You’ll continue spinning your wheels, and wasting time. 


And it’s even harder when you’re overpaying for masterminds, 50 hour courses, and cookie-cutter training… with more experts who are trying to convince you into investing thousands of dollars into stuff you DON’T even need.

(I’ve been there too)




Can you handle the cold hard truth?


If you think you’re paying too much for cookie-cutter copy coaching and ‘80 hour copy classes’... the ones that “might” get you to the next level… hopefully, maybe, someday…


Chances are, you are right. You’re obviously being ripped off.


And you’re just being overwhelmed with excessive info.


And you’re also getting brainwashed into buying more “copy stuff” you DO NOT need.


(I’ve seen it happen all the time. And it’s sad.)


That’s why the Freelance Copywriters’ Blueprint was designed to be the most laser-focused and ‘intimate’ training system around today…


A NO BS, easily-applied system that’s designed to push you in the most positive and effective ways possible…

A training system packed full of intensive video training, cheat sheets and training manuals, negotiation templates, swipe files, and downloadable MP3 trainings that will install multiple 6-figure earning skills into your brain right away.


Plus, I purposely made it affordable to copywriters who sincerely want to hit the next level… 


Without needing to blow their life savings.


Without risking big debt.


Without getting brainwashed by more “guru’s.”




Because this ain’t about “getting rich” for me.

I developed this course after spending well over $120,000 on A-List mentors who gave me highly-focused attention… while I spent YEARS testing, refining, and polishing up this system to where it is today.

The Freelance Copywriters’ Blueprint was precision engineered to help you become blazing-hot in your chosen niche(s)...


With the ‘paint-by-numbers’ income building system specifically for copywriters…


One that’s designed to help you attract and land the types of clients and work you once thought was way out of your league…

While becoming highly respected and sought-after, even if you consider yourself “new” or just “moderately successful” in the copywriting world.

The Freelance Copywriters’ Blueprints

The Freelance Copywriter’s Course For Accelerating Your Skillsets Into A 6-Figure Copy Career... While Gaining Rockstar Confidence as A Copywriter, And Getting Dream Clients To Beat A Path To Your Door
  • Get multiple-6-figure-earning “A-List” skillsets downloaded into your brain within 1 week. Top earners and the highest-performing copywriters’ around today understand that exploding your way to the “top of the food chain” isn’t just about writing copy… inside, I’m sharing ALL of the elusively obvious secrets that the sought-after, multiple 6-figure earning copywriters keep secret and closely guarded… and for good reason)

  • Swipe the exact “copy / paste” formula for knowing what to charge, and how much you can raise your prices without feeling intimidated. Inside, I’ll show you how painfully easy it is to build the high-earning-habits for immediately raising fees…this is one of the core foundations of the course, and the foundation that 6 and 7 figure careers are built upon.

  • How to easily master the “6-Figure Negotiation Mindset,” command 5-figures fees, or land a 6-figure job while effortlessly positioning yourself above your own competition… even if you’re a rookie in our industry, have never cracked 100k, or if you consider your copy skills as just intermediate.’

  • Double your fees within 60 days while attracting top-quality clients (and jobs)... just by using the fill-in-the-blank 'Dream Client Attractor' template. This cheatsheet makes the difference between a “hardworking” 40k - 60k earner… and a sought respected and highly-respected copywriter who picks and chooses their work, who is a 6-figure earner, and who works half as hard as everyone else... and who is lucky enough to enjoy living a life they completely LOVE.

  • Where do your ideal clients hang out - and how “good” do you need to be to land your highest-paying dreams clients who can change your life? Here’s a MYTH: you don’t need to be “that good” to land dream clients. In fact… the best clients who will pay you the most have been waiting for a copywriter who actually knows how to sell themselves well... simply by asking prospective clients three key questions -- which I’ll reveal to you inside.

  • How to penetrate A-List networks... and almost-instantly gain the attention of high-powered entrepreneurs and highly-respected businesses and agencies. I’m going to sneak you through the back door, and show you exactly how I landed 9-Figure clients within my first 12 months in the industry… and how I cracked my first 100k within my 2nd year as a freelancer, while working part-time. (These “rock star industry hacks” install the skills that’ll make you a leader in your chosen niche(s)… while adding the confidence you'll need to hit almost-impossible income goals in record time

  • High-level negotiation cheatsheets and client-attraction templates are given to you inside the system. Including, how to build your copy business around your ideal lifestyle (instead of the other way around), how you can potentially grow your own business or high-level network, and how you can create a super-simple and scalable routine for climbing up the ‘copywriter food chain’ at a staggeringly fast pace.


  • “Steal” my organic client attraction templates that only take you 1 hour a week to implement… and soon, you’ll make waves in the industry and have dream clients beating a path to your door - without spending a DIME on marketing. (This system is also what helps my students land their first *new* retainer within our first 30 days together)

  • Get the "street smart" plug-n-play blueprints for having more fun and free time in your career, while you crack consistent $15k+ months... without even realizing it. These A-Player ‘routines’ are what I distilled down and refined after 7 YEARS of cold hard experience… and after producing multiple 8-figures in client sales… investing well over 120k spent on mentors… while dissecting, implementing, and refining the paths many well-seasoned-masters take to shoot their way to the top! These street smart blueprints are responsible for getting me well over $200k a year with a part-time schedule.

  • How to close multiple retainer deals at once, and negotiate your way to 5 or even 6 figure deals for a single project. This is a necessary “A List” skill you’ll need if you want to create a part-time 6 figure career… and to make this happen - and to do this CONFIDENTLY - will require razor-sharp negotiation skills… so I’ll give you multiple templates, routines, and sales scripts to turn you into a super-confident negotiator and client-attraction machine… all within 2 weeks or less.

  • Grab high-level business building templates that make you an absolute beast as you steamroll your way to the top of the food chain… while you become a copywriter with the high-level business-savvy too. Plus, you’ll get cheat sheets that’ll show you exactly how to hit your toughest income goals, and that’ll give you the exact paths you’ll need to take to build the career of your dreams. (Or, to land a dream job if that’s your thing.)


BONUS 1: I've also included templates and scripts for raising your fees and increasing your closing ratio during your client proposals, negotiations, and more

  • Here’s where you’ll get to look over the shoulder of an A-lister... and get to know everything about the proprietary insider-process for gaining unstoppable leverage when it comes to succeeding in your career, making bank while working less… while living a laid back style at the same time

BONUS 2: Plus, a entire BONUS TRAINING MODULE for customizing a money-making routine, months in advance, while creating predictable success every single month… 


  • Plus, I’ll give you all the ‘shortcuts’ so you can comfortably network like a pro… and instantly connect with copywriters, marketers, and ultra-rich business owners alike… and start building connections that will help you build authority and make your ideal client want to sign a blank check


  • Find out exactly where your ideal clients hang out and learn to sway them away from other “poaching copywriters” by making them realize that you’re worth MORE than what you’re asking for


  • Get the firsthand account of what it’s like to close big deals and write copy that generates revenue for you and your clients

  • And more.


BONUS 3: Credit of $500 Toward 1 on 1 Private Protege Training with Jon! (available by application only) This is a combination of accelerating your copy chops privately with me at a frighteningly fast pace… so you can write FIRE that converts like crazy… while you also get to:

  • Learn how to stop running after clients who don’t value your work! Instead, make it easy on yourself by getting involved with clients and employers who will pay you MORE, while you WORK LESS. (These are the clients that will get you to making 6 figures before you even know it , while getting work you actually enjoy)

  • Get a chance to sit on the big boy's table, and I’ll take you by the hand and sneak you into backdoor… because we’ll be uncovering the secret $150k copywriter mechanics the 25 and 30 year veterans used, and how to apply that to the present day (plus, you’ll get the exact roadmaps I took to grow my business at a staggeringly fast pace)





Click the access button now.


Once you're in, let's streamline your upward path to bigger clients, better pay, and more credibility so you can achieve measurable results quicker.

Look, there is typically ONE critical reason why some of the would-be-best copywriters never get to the top….

Understand that “good clients” might fall in love with you when you’re really good.

Then, sooner or later, more and more clients could grow weary of your work.

They’ll watch your conversion rates like a hawk.

Next thing you know, they’ll want you to rewrite your copy, and you'll have confidence in your ability to create winners.


Then your anxiety levels rise.


You struggle to keep up.


And the downward spiral ensues…

Read what’s in that box right above here one more time.


Who do you think is to blame for these situations?


Well, here’s the truth:


These struggles aren’t really your fault. 


It’s not your client’s or employers fault either.

It’s not even your favorite guru’s fault.


The truth is, there’s a thin line between getting rejected and going unnoticed because you “just weren’t quite good enough yet”...


Versus landing dream clients with ease, or a dream job, and a well-deserved dream income… 


On the other hand...


Just imagine having to crawl back to that 9-5 job?

Having to face your old coworkers you thought you’d never see again.

Stuck “working late” trying to get your freelance business off the ground, years later.
(Or worse… taking on more low-paying work because you think you’re not good enough yet.)


The good news?


This nightmare can be turned around quite fast.


So I’ll level with you here.


The best copywriters around don’t position their ideas at face value. 


Instead, they position their authority and assert their dominance in their respective niches.

They strategically network, negotiate, and sell themselves in a way that can take them straight into a multiple 6-figure income…


All while they assert skills in managing client relationships, taking control of negotiations, and getting paid almost-more than they should.

If there is such a thing.

(I’ll explain more in a sec.)


See, what the most respected copywriters around DO have in common is this:


  • The highest-paid copywriters are consistently painting persuasive pictures for their audiences, and driving them to take MASSIVE levels of action.


  • They are almost-automatically leveraging high-impact concepts, angles, and big ideas that can tap into the specific memories, emotions and logic that make people tick. 


  • They compel people to start to pay up. To opt in for a free trial. Or make that high ticket purchase.


  • They compel dream clients and dream employees to hire them. To seek them out. And to pay them well for it.


And they do it over and over again, like clockwork.


And guess what…


I’ve been doing this since 2013, and I’ve reversed engineered every aspect of this ‘hustle’ and distilled it down into The Freelance Copywriters’ Blueprint.

Click the access button now.


Once you're in, let's streamline your upward path to bigger clients, better pay, and more credibility so you can achieve measurable results quicker.

See, there’s a common misconception that a “good enough work ethic” and “track record” is enough to make it to the big leagues.


I mean, sure, you need a strong work ethic. 


But working hard without working smart leads to the inevitable burn out that’s so common in our industry…

And it’s an ugly, ugly truth.


Especially because you won’t be “working smarter” and living easier through those DIY courses and cookie-cutter-coaching.


Believe me when I say that I’ve been there too…

But Relying Solely on A Strong Attitude & Work Ethic Is Like The Old Saying,
“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”


Here’s the consequences of relying solely on “hard work”... on a decent track record… 


Just raise an eyebrow when you find the issue you can relate to the most:


  • Lately, you feel like you’re drowning in work every day… feeling physically achy, anxious, or sick to your stomach.


  • You’re churning away at work, getting paid… but you’re it’s like you’re just writing and working on a treadmill… slaving away on autopilot, with no “off button.”


  • Worst of all, you end up shedding all of your blood, sweat and tears... for what turns out to be pennies on the dollar, compared to what you SHOULD be getting paid.


That’s no way to live...

Especially for the highly valuable skills you already have.


So if you’ve ever...


  • taken a copywriting job out of pure desperation

  • spent hours unnecessarily second-guessing your wording

  • caved by accepting far less than you were worth

  • Or if you can relate to just *ONE* thing you’ve read today...


...then quit wasting time.


Quit under-valuing yourself.


And quit selling yourself short.


Because you clearly need a high-respected mentor who is light years beyond the mold of being just another “copy coach.” 

You need a mentor that excels in teaching rapid skill development, personalized student relationships, and monetizing the hell out copy based on YOUR unique skills.

The Freelance Copywriters’ Blueprints

The Freelance Copywriter’s Course For Accelerating Your Skillsets Into A 6-Figure Copy Career... While Gaining Rockstar Confidence as A Copywriter, And Getting Dream Clients To Beat A Path To Your Door