Scale Up Faster By Teaming-Up With
The $40,000,000+ Producing Expert

I'm extremely RELIEVED that you're here!

Because you’re a mover and shaker in business…

And you don’t have patience for ‘snobby’ copywriters who’ll overcharge, and underdeliver…

And even if you’re a good writer, you know your focus should be on what you’re more AMAZING at…

Because spreading yourself too thin means nothing important really gets done anymore.

Wait! WHY should we even bring this up?

Because, no matter how great of a professional you already are...

...over the years, I've see way too many bad-asses experience:

  • Conversion rates and marketing falling short of their potential

  • Increased overhead and/or having to work 80+hours / week

  • Stress overload for the top players in the business, or the leading entrepreneur

  • And in the end we all know that many businesses could STILL fail! (sad, yet true)

What’s worse is when you THINK you’ve found the right help from some ‘fly-by-night’ copywriter or agency…

...then they either miss deadlines, don’t communicate well, or worse: 

They completely misunderstand your branding, and miss the mark on their promises.

If that sounds like you, then…

You’ll Be Happy As Hell That You Came Here


...if these things below sound great to you,

then we might be a match made in marketing heaven:

You Can Appreciate The VALUE Of A Seasoned Copywriter... With A Strict ROI Focus

You Might Pass On A “One Night Stand,” Because A Great Copywriter Is Worth Keeping Around

You Want Someone Who Could Give You Profitable Feedback, Marketing Insights, Or Just Measurable Results

You Want A Copywriter Who Efficiently Grasps Your Market, Your Message, or Your Brand Voice

You’d Like A Strategist Who’s Helped Lead Teams, Founders, & Executives Alike To Experience Explosive Growth

You Might’ve Had “Bad Copy Experiences” Before, Yet You Know The Right-Fit Is Still Out There For You

Now Before We Go Any Further...

...Think Of Which Phrases Sound Familiar To You:

  • “Is this the right wording and messaging? -- I hate all this copywriting…”

  • “What about these deadlines... I need a BREAK"

  • “I need to delegate, but how and to WHO?”

  • “I’m swamped, how much TIME and ENERGY could I possibly dedicate to everything I want to accomplish”

  • “I just CAN NOT trust those other copywriters”

  • “I don’t know all I need to do to get this done efficiently enough!”

  • "I tried this, but I just can't do everything on my own! At least, not amymore."

...and on and on it goes.


Now imagine having a high-end, multi-million producing copywriter on your side to give you the feedback you need to align your messaging with your branding…

Who you can delegate your copy tasks to, while you clear your plate...

Who also works diligently to fulfill on his promises...

...and who focuses on YOUR best interests- - so you can accelerate your production while focusing on what YOU do best.


Read On To See How We Could Work Together...






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Think of how having an "A-Player" on YOUR side will support your business goals, the big picture thinking, and your conversion strategies each step of the way…  ​

How will this increase your productivity?

What about your results in sales and revenue?

How much could having a “copywriting chief” on your side increase your return on investment - in time AND money?

Here's the thing:

Maybe you’re still not clear on how to capture your audience’s attention and compel them to listen (or read) what you have to say...


Or maybe it's something else.


We're just not sure yet.


That's why a monthly retainer relationship has been the top choice, and most profitable choice, for my clients by a LONG shot.

In a monthly retainer, you could delegate ALL of your copywriting work, while getting your messaging aligned for persuasive, sales-driven impact…

Plus, you're getting the additional opportunity to strategize at - and collaborate with me at - a higher level, and even optimize your campaigns for greater revenue.

So if you’re seeking to be more "hands off" while multiplying your sales through the power of influence…

Including email copy, video and/or webinar scripts, direct response sales copy, social media copy, paid ad copy, website and landing page copy, and more…

Then reach out.

We need to talk.


See How I 2'xed Dean's Conversions From His Previously "Underperforming" Funnel





While I stopped handing this option out for 2.5 years…


I decided to bring it back by popular demand.


Thing is, it’s available to new clients ONLY.



Simply put, I’m typically ‘booked up’ with clients who are already on a monthly relationship. And since I honor my commitments, they will continue to get first priority.

(it’s only fair)

If this sounds like you though, then an initial ‘project basis’ could be the beginning of something beautiful:


  • You have a good offer that’s already bringing in revenue 

  • Your offer(s) are scalable

  • You believe in what you do

  • However… maybe your sales aren't where you'd like them to be... 


If this resonates with you…

Then your product / service has more potential. And deep inside, you'd love to SCALE your offer so you can expand your revenue, your outreach, and your impact.

Let’s discuss how we could potentially hit the ground running with your highest priority


After Producing Over 40 Million+ In Client Sales

In Such A Short Time Span....

My Wealth Of Direct Marketing and Copywriting Experience 

Could Be Worth Its’ Weight in Gold For You

Here’s the thing though...

While I might like you as a professional, I’m just not for everyone.

So double-check these lists first, because I know your time is valuable - because mine is too:


If you’re not serious about what you SAY you want to do (and get) for your business… then we’re not a good fit.


  • If you’re unwilling to follow through on commitments you’ve already made to your team, your clients, or other important people... then this might not work out.


  • If you’re not doing at least 6-Figures in yearly revenue… with the drive to grow and scale higher up… then somebody else might be better for you. (sorry)


  • If you refuse to invest in both your short term and long term scalability, then just know now that I ain’t the cheapest on the block. (As the old saying goes: great copywriters ain’t cheap… and cheap copywriters ain’t great.)

To make more money as a copywriting or marketing professional, you'll need to develop the results-driven skillsets that DRIVE this industry forward...

Because at the end of the day...

We know business -- and INCOME -- can be volatile and unstable… it makes sense to CLAIM the skillsets, the security, and control that come with the territory, doesn’t it?



Entrepreneurs and small business owners alike can supercharge their revenue and influence through copywriting...

And if they REALLY commit to it, eventually they can “steam roll” past their competition once they arm themselves with the ninja skills of a powerhouse persuader.


(Plus, they’ll be able to oversee others’ work which much more precision and expertise.)




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Let’s schedule a connection call by clicking the button, or email me directly at

Connection calls typically last 10 to 30 minutes… it’s like grabbing a cup of coffee together and hanging out, which typically includes free coaching as well.

(Plus, we get to explore where the positive synergy is here for both of us)

Seriously, some professionals walk away from our quick connection call and hit their first homerun product launch... 

...while others walked away from this single call with enough insight to 3x their revenue within 90 to 120 days.