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How Else Could You Grow Your Business Alongside 
The Multiple-8-Figure Producing Expert?
Unmute and Sound On!
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Here Are Four Ways We Could Work Together...


*Aka, "Your Strategic Advisor"

*Aka, "Done-With-You"

*Aka, "Date Before We Marry"

*I Serve As Your Strategic Advisor, Continually Optimize Your Copy, & Help You Install And Refine Rapid and Long-Term Conversion Systems

Here's a deeper look into some of authority marketing methodologies I've used to help transform businesses into multiple 6, 7, and 8-figure leaders...

...and how we might potentially do the same for you too.

Methodology #1: 

Lead Gen Diagnostics


Fine-Tuning Your Funnel Strategy And Creating A Never-Ending Stream Of HOT Leads, Eager Subscribers, and Hungry Buyers...

Almost on Autopilot

Methodology #2: 

Copy And Conversion Optimization


Uncovering The Hard-Hitting Hooks and Unique 'Mechanisms' That Systematize Your Conversions, and Scale You Into THE Unrivaled Authority In Your Niche


Methodology #3:

Automatic Scaling Systems


Designing and 'Installing' Lead Acquisition and Email Marketing Systems That Automatically Warm Up Cold Leads, Convert More Browsers Into Buyers, Create a Measurable Surge In Conversions...

...While Transforming Your "Price Shoppers" Into Loyal Fans and Lifelong Buyers
After Producing Over 50 Million+ In Client Sales
In Such A Short Time Span....

My Wealth Of Experience Could Be Worth Its’ Weight in Gold For You
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Here’s the thing though...

While I might like you as a professional, I’m just not for everyone.

So double-check these lists first, because I know your time is valuable - because mine is too:


  • If you’re not serious about following through on your commitments to your business... or if you expect overnight riches... then we’re not a good fit.


  • If you don’t understand the value of great direct response copy and written salesmanship… then you’re not ready to work with me yet.


  • If you’re unwilling to follow through on commitments you’ve already made to your team, your customers, and your bottom line... then this might not work out.


  • If you’re NOT doing a minimum of multiple 5-figures/month with the drive to grow and scale higher up… then somebody else might be better for you. (sorry)


  • If you refuse to invest in both your short term and long term scalability, then just know now that I ain’t the cheapest on the block. (As the old saying goes: great copywriters ain’t cheap… and cheap copywriters ain’t great.)

But if you…

>>> Understand how having an copywriting "A-Player" on YOUR side will support your business goals, the big picture thinking, and your conversion strategies each step of the way…  ​

>>> Understand how having a seasoned 8-figure producing expert on your team can also help you boost your productivity - and even help you oversee your team more effectively…


>>> Are interested in streamlining your TOUGHEST copy challenges, while getting your messaging aligned for persuasive, sales-driven impact…


>>> Want to claim the additional opportunity to strategize - and collaborate - at a higher level, and even optimize your existing campaigns for greater revenue…


>>> If you want to be more "hands off" while multiplying your sales through the power of influence…

>>> Want the opportunity to team up with a seasoned expert who’s helped over a DOZEN companies hit 8-figures or beyond…

Then reach out.
We need to talk.
Or, Shoot Direct Questions To Me Via Email First...
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